Activity Days For Homeschool Groups & Families

5/5 (4 reviews)

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$ 9.99

The book homeschool support group leaders have been waiting for!

“Relief for busy leaders . . .”

A partial list of topics:

  • Community Helpers Day

  • Hands-On Art

  • Track and Field Day

  • Dissection Day

  • Learn to Play the Soprano Recorder

  • Math Day

  • Love and Friendship Day

  • Achievement Day

  • And much, much more!

“Everything you need to host great activity days for your group.”

  • Organizing the event

  • Supply lists

  • Tips for success

  • Pitfalls to avoid

  • Getting others involved

  • Full-size patterns and handouts

  • 168 pages of pre-planned activities

“A gift for busy homeschool moms—ideas for support groups and families.”

Newly revised with more links, updated format.

  • Already printed and hole-punched for use in your three-ring loose-leaf binder.

  • Busy leaders can easily hand information for an activity to volunteers who will help in the preparation.

  • Great for developing confidence in new leaders.

  • The copyright allows you to make as many copies as you need for use within a single support group.

  • Enough activities for over three years of monthly meetings.

  • Suggestions for on-going activities such as yearbooks, Bible quizzing, and special classes.

  • All activities have been tested in real support groups.

  • Most activities are very economical, using easily available materials.

  • 168 pages

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Encouragement For Homeschool Moms

5/5 (4 reviews)

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$ 3.99

Feeling discouraged? Need some inspiration? Encouragement for Homeschool Moms will lift your spirits and renew your courage. Filled with faith-building stories and encouragement for "those" days we all have sometimes.


  • The Ideal Homeschool Mother

  • God Knows Who You Are

  • Homeschooling through Difficult Times

  • Special Days

  • Caring for His Temple

  • In His Image: Creativity for Christians

  • Keep on Walkin'

  • Just Pedal

  • 47 pages in convenient downloadable format

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Managing Your Homeschool

5/5 (2 reviews)

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Homeschooling our children stretches the organizational skills of the best of us. Planning a schedule, dealing with mountains of papers, focusing on what is most important--every day is a challenge. Get ideas and encouragement from a seasoned vet of nineteen years!

  • Planning Your New Year

  • Storing Your Teaching Stuff

  • Taming the Paper Monster

  • A Mid-Year Makeover

  • Dealing with Extra-Curriculars

  • Eight Habits for Highly Successful Homeschooling

  • In-Service Training for Home Educators

  • What Worked? What Didn't?

  • 55 pages in convenient downloadable format

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Hands-On Math Activities

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We all teach some subjects we don't care much for, don't we? Math happens to be my least favorite subject to teach. But, like it or not, math is an essential subject and our children really do need to understand it.


As homeschoolers, we have the opportunity to improve on the old-school methods of endless worksheets.

Hands-On Math offers an assortment of games & activities to supplement your curriculum with concrete, sensory experiences that will help your children lock in basic mathematical concepts.

  • Activities for grades K-8

  • Tips for teaching math facts

  • Games of logic

  • Arithmetic Checklist for Preschool-Grade 2

  • Resources for teaching hands-on math

  • 39 pages in convenient downloadable format

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Hands-On Art Activities

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$ 2.99


Most children enjoy doing art activities, but it is easy to postpone them. There are so many things to teach and so little time, it seems. And art projects are so messy. And many parents feel unqualified to teach art.

Hands-On Art Activities offers solutions to these objections. Using easily found materials, your children can learn the basics of handling crayon, paint, and chalk with these simple activities.

Designed for elementary grades, but interesting enough to engage older children, as well.

Includes supply lists and detailed instructions for projects that you and your children will enjoy doing together. Many include suggested extensions for further learning and turning your children's art into gifts and cards.


Convenient downloadable format.


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