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Whether you’re a long-time reader or you just found your way to my website, I pray that you will find resources that encourage you as you build the next generation. I believe that you will find that my writing is sprinkled with encouragement, humor and how-to’s for parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, and all lovers of children. There is even a section for music lovers.

Building tomorrow's generation is not for the faint of heart. As Christian parents, we want to move beyond diapers, daycare, and dance class to get a glimpse of what God is planning for our family’s legacy. We want to build a firm foundation for our children so they won’t crumble under pressure.

But even as we seek that vision, we must deal with day-to-day parenting, educational, financial, and spiritual challenges. Browse through the website and get acquainted. Check out the free articles and tip sheets. Consider the books, e-books, and e-courses we offer. Request a list of presentations for your conference or retreat. And do sign up for the newsletter below so we can keep in touch. I'm glad you stopped by!



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