Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music E-book

Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music E-book

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Don’t know Beethoven from Brahms? No problem!

Field-tested to ensure that even musically illiterate adults can confidently use it with their children.

Most parents want their children to be exposed to great music.
But even those who read music often don’t know where to start.

A visit to the classical music section of a store or website is
daunting and expensive. Parents wonder, "Which music will my
children like? What if I buy something and we hate it?"

Take the mystery out of music. Beethoven Who will guide you and
your family into the wonders of music reading, music listening,
and music making.

What is included:

  • The Elements of Music
  •  Classical Music Your Child Will Love
  • Teaching tips and links for listening
  •  Activities to teach pitch, rhythm, form, dynamics, tempo, musical terms, etc.
  •  Heritage Music Every Child Should Know: folk, patriotic, sacred, & more
  •  Making Music Together
  •  Sharing Music with Others
  •  Hundreds of external and internal links
  •  Glossary of Musical Terms
  •  Five appendices
  •  Complete index
  •  Flexible: the whole family can learn together or use as a high school elective
  •  332 pages

Note: Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music is available in two formats. Both are PDF files that can be viewed on any device and both contain exactly the same material and links.

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