Managing Your Holidays

Managing Your Holidays

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People love to celebrate. Food, family, fellowship, music, decorations, and gifts are all a part of the fun. But holidays can become harried days if we're not careful. Marcia's latest e-book offers tips and encouragement for celebrating birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas so even Mom can be blessed, not stressed.

  • Planning for holiday gatherings (plus 6 forms to help you do it)
  • Thanksgiving Countdown, plus recipes & turkey tips
  • Making room for your houseguests
  • Tips for holiday efficiency
  • Christmas ideas
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Setting a formal table
  • Table manners tips for you & your children
  • 62 pages of encouragement and strategies in a convenient downloadable format.

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Director, Missouri Association of Christian Teaching Homes (MATCH)
Managing Your Holidays
5/ 5 stars


"Another awesome book in the Management for Moms series. If you are like a lot of homeschoolers, we love to celebrate at the drop of a hat. Who doesn't love to have fun and find excuses to eat? However, these celebrations can put a lot of stress on a mother. This book goes into how to enjoy these special days without being stressed out. She makes suggestions how to bring the family together as they grow up and leave home at other times of the year. She goes into how to use her awesome templates . . . [for planning]. MATCH highly recommends this wonderful resource."

A blessing, and not just for Christmas!
Managing Your Holidays
5/ 5 stars


If you're like me, you'll find this helpful, pithy e-book from Marcia Washburn, Managing the Holidays, a blessing. Mrs. Washburn covers more than just Christmas! She provides tips and encouragement to help you through birthdays and Thanksgiving, too. She demonstrates that by planning and keeping things simple, you can have a less stressful holiday season, allowing you to enjoy your family and friends. Her personal insights and stories from her own family's holiday celebrations can give you the "I can do this!" spirit needed to: manage little ones come up with a menu and find recipes bring together adult children from wherever they may be find fun activities for your children to do to really find the meaning of the holidays experience gratitude in the midst of all of the chaos!