Homemade Convenience Foods ebook

Homemade Convenience Foods ebook

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Have you ever stood in the kitchen fifteen minutes before dinnertime & realized you have nothing started for dinner?

Have you ever wished you could spend more time with the family and less with the pots and pans?  

Break free from the clutches of the kitchen! Have a freshly prepared dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less!

Research shows that the average woman has spent 50,000 hours in her kitchen by the age of 45!

Not interested in being the “average” woman in that statistic? I wasn’t either, so I developed a system that allows me to have homemade, nutritious food on the table in 15 minutes or less.

I call it Homemade Convenience Foods. It saves both time and money and works with my sample recipes as well as your own favorites.

                                Easy for anyone to learn!

Homemade Convenience Foods is not once-a-month cooking or frozen pizzas or carry-out burgers, but a simple method that even never-cooked-much-before college kids and newlyweds can easily learn to implement.

The Homemade Convenience Foods system is perfect for busy homeschool moms, those who work away from home, and empty-nesters who need motivation to cook for just one or two people.

Homemade Convenience Foods even teaches you how to avoid those last-minute grocery runs that cost you so much time and money. With this system, you will always have the ingredients on hand to prepare at least a dozen different menus. Even drop-in guests won’t faze you.

Homemade Convenience Foods is available as an e-book or in a comb-bound print edition. Be sure to order extras as gifts for new graduates, brides, and moms.                             

                               Works with most recipes!

We’re not talking about using this method for every meal—sometimes you want to fuss and certain recipes won’t work well with this system. We’re talking about a system that will get you through 3-4 meals a week with much less time and hassle, so you can make your specialties on evenings when you are less stressed.
Interestingly, when my adult sons come home, they most often request the foods that I can make using the Homemade Convenience Foods system.

Homemade Convenience Foods teaches you the rationale for the system and detailed how-to's to make it work for you, followed by lots of recipes to get you started. Best of all, the system is easily adaptable to your family's favorite recipes.

                                       An ideal gift!

In these days of eating out, many young adults have never learned to prepare meals at home. Their idea of eating at home involves carry-out from the Chinese restaurant or a pre-made pizza from the deli.

Homemade Convenience Foods teaches inexperienced cooks how to make great food from scratch. It is ideal for those just learning to cook. It makes an ideal gift for a college student, a new bride, or a brand-new mommy.

Those who have been cooking for years are enthusiastic about Homemade Convenience Foods, too. They love the time savings and the new method of preparing their old favorites.

                                  Saves money, too!

Homemade Convenience Foods not only saves time, it saves money. No more late-afternoon runs to the grocery store or fast food place to get something for your family's dinner.

The system even teaches you how to never run out of anything again using a method that even your children can use. Fewer trips to the store equals more money in your pocket.

                        Be prepared for drop-in guests!

Have you longed to show hospitality to those God brings into your path? Have you hesitated to spontaneously invite someone over because you didn't have the ingredients to pull together a meal?

Homemade Convenience Foods will teach you how to always have the ingredients on hand to prepare at least a dozen different menus. You will never be caught unprepared again!

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