Building Tomorrow's Generation
Strategies and Support for Christian Parents

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established."  
Proverbs 24:3 (NIV)
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                     Welcome to
  Building Tomorrow’s Generation
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Whether you’re a long-time reader or you just found your
way to my website, I pray that you will find resources that
encourage you as you build the next generation. I believe
that you will find that my writing is sprinkled with
encouragement, humor and how-to’s for parents,
grandparents, homeschoolers, and all lovers of children.
There is even a section for music lovers.

Building tomorrow's generation is not for the faint of
heart. As Christian parents, we want to move beyond
diapers, daycare and dance class to get a glimpse of what
God is planning for our family’s legacy. We want to build
a firm foundation for our children so they won’t crumble
under pressure. But even as we seek that vision, we must
deal with day-to-day parenting, educational, financial,
and spiritual challenges.

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          Beethoven Who?
     Family Fun with Music
Great new resource filled with fun activities and  
online listening options: classical, folk, sacred, and
patriotic music your children (& you!) will love!
Over 700 links! Glossary & Index. Five appendices.

  User-friendly! You don't have to read music
        to enjoy it with your children.

    Economical! No CDs or textbooks to buy!

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   Learn more about Beethoven Who:
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  • Learning the language of music
  • Classical, folk, & sacred music your
    child will love
  • Making music together
  • Games and activities to reinforce
  • Suitable for ages 5-105

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chapter, and selected sample pages.

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Want to spend more time with your
family and less with your pots and
pans? Have wholesome,
freshly-prepared meals on the table in
15 minutes or less. Perfect for busy
homeschool moms, large families,
those working outside the home, .  . .

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What others are writing . . .
“I have wanted to send you a quick note for
quite a while to thank you (actually [to] let
you know I thank God for you) and your
godly example and encouragement for us
wet-behind-the-ears moms.”  ~Lorrie B.

“Thank you for your practical down home,
wifely and womanly and motherly advice,
and taking time to be available to those that
would appreciate gleaning from you...You
are so easy to read, and seem like a
comfortable person to be around...serving
the Lord with Gladness, obviously, that is
you.”  ~ Nancy W.  

“She writes such practical stuff, like how to
do the laundry, but the articles are somehow
uplifting as well as informative.” ~Cindy P.
      Building a Profitable
  Music Teaching Business
Have a heart for music but no head for
business? Transform your musical
skills into extra income:
Talent to
shows you how! A valuable
resource for veterans and rookies alike.

 More info
            AND FAMILIES
          Back-to-School Sale
           (EXPIRES 9/30/16)
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           SPRING SALE!!

  Encouragement & practical
         tips for busy moms!

Managing Your Children
Managing Your Home
Managing Your Finances
Managing Your Homeschool
Managing the Holidays
Encouragement for HS Moms

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   Looking for a great first instrument   
     for your child?  Soprano recorders   
      are inexpensive and easy to play.   
             Marcia shows you how,
        even if you don't read music!
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         First two books in
      Marcia's new series of
   Hands-On Activity Books!
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Most of us will care for an aging parent
or spouse at some time. Let Marcia share
her experience as caregiver to five adults
over the years.

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