Some creative folks at our church have developed a new twist for helping others in this challenging economy. They call it the Economic Stimulus Connection. We’ve posted a large white board divided into two columns that read “I have . . .” and “I need . . .”

Members use sticky notes to post items in the columns. When they see something they need, they remove the note to call the person who posted it.

Some of the “I have” posts include:
• Dead trees to cut down for firewood
• Baby boy clothes to give away
• Free help with your computer
• Bedding to give away
• I will pray for your needs

Some of the “I need” posts include:
• A job in the HVAC field
• A job—I’m eighteen years old
• Transmission for ‘96 Ford Taurus
• Drywall finishing work
• A place to stay
• A couch and skillet

The idea has been a hit with our members. Perhaps your church or homeschool group can develop a version of it to help each other through the tight times.


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