Talent To Treasure:
    Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business

               Talent to Treasure
Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business

Have a heart for music but no head for business? Transform your musical skills
into extra income:
Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching
 shows you how!

Marcia Washburn, BA, MME, is a seasoned piano teacher, writing with authority
about a subject she knows intimately and loves passionately—connecting people with
music. Her warm and personable style immediately draws in the reader.

Talent to Treasure targets the woman who wants to share her love of music with
others while continuing to serve her family at home. It addresses the whys and hows
of building a home business that blesses others without negatively impacting the family.
It is proving to be a valuable resource for rookie and veteran teachers alike

The appendices alone are worth the cost of the book: sample policy letters, analysis of
favorite teaching music, and more. The sample letters are available as Word
documents at no charge so you can personalize them for your own studio.

In the pages of Talent to Treasure, you will learn:

•  How to prepare your heart and your home for your business
•  How to recruit and retain students
•  How much to charge for lessons (& how to be sure you get paid!)
•  How to select a “balanced diet” of music for your students
•  How and what to teach in the first lesson
•  How to teach using learning styles—how to be a people teacher first!
•  Great practicing tips—& strategies for dealing with students who don’t!
•  How to deal with memorization, performance jitters, & more
•  Reaching & teaching special needs students—from  challenged to gifted
•  And much, much more!

What others are saying about Talent to Treasure:
Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business . . .

"I am in admiration of your commitment to your students and your willingness to
share your expertise and experience with young women who are contemplating a
career of piano teaching along with their commitment to their families.  You share so
many good, practical ideas and do so with a sense of fun that is palpable."
~Dr. Christelle Menth, Professor of Piano, Colorado Christian University

"A very comprehensive, but quick read. This book is especially for those seeking to
worship God through private teaching. Marcia is right on with the frequently asked
question, "How old should a child be to begin music lessons?"
~Lyndell Bohl, Licensed Musikgarten Teacher & Former Private Instructor

“Thank you so much, Marcia, for writing this book. In my melancholic personality
trait, I find I need someone to hold my hand. You have done this with your book and I
just praise the Lord.”  ~Nancy Cable, piano teacher
“I’ve taught piano for the past five years and this book is timely in encouraging me in
the way I teach as well as offering new approaches to common problems that I
frequently encounter. Thank you, Mrs. Washburn, for sharing your insights from years
of teaching and bringing it from a distinctly Christian perspective.”
~Anna Storrie, piano teacher

"Talent to Treasure filled a void in the sphere of piano teaching resources. It's more
than a business manual, more than a pedagogy text -- it is an inspiration to serve and
an invitation to ministry.

"In her typical gracious manner, Mrs. Washburn provides reassurance, exhortation
and practical advice for music instructors with all levels of experience. Even her
smallest tips help in a big way. She offers useful techniques that most of us would
never think of, yet make important contributions to the success of any studio.

"In-home studios have their own set of issues. In Talent to Treasure Mrs. Washburn
showcases business and hospitality in a special combination that could come only from
a heart fully devoted to Christ.

"The layout of the pages and a topnotch writing style make the book very readable
and speak even further to the standard of excellence which this author clearly

"Before my children started their own music teaching businesses, I required that they
read a pedagogy text. I wish Talent to Treasure had been available then. No great
loss, though -- I didn't have to require them to read this one; the book drew them like
a magnet. ~Mary Beth Akers, homeschooling parent

"Having an experienced Christian home educator as my children's piano
teacher is such a pleasure!  My kids don't need reminding about practice
as they enjoy doing their best for the Lord under Marcia Washburn's
tutelage. She teaches them so much more than piano performance and theory;
she imparts wisdom, character training, and a love for Christ and others
each week. Our whole family has been blessed by her expertise and hospitality.”
~ Shari McMinn, mother of 4 students for 7 years

“I am delighted that Marcia Washburn has written such a thorough book that will
mentor future music teachers and possibly current ones as well. . . . As a parent with
children who took piano lessons from four different teachers, it is easy to tell when the
piano teachers have enjoyed their work and when it has been a chore. It is also
tremendously reassuring to experience the stability and assurance of a piano teacher
who is organized.  Marcia’s book brings all of that to life and will assist those who
desire to bring their God-given talent of music . . . into the realm of teaching others
to develop their musical skills.  The mentoring tone of her book will bless others as
she shares from her heart with wisdom gleaned through the years!”
~Paula Anderson, parent

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"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established."   Proverbs 24:3 (NIV)
"Many of the tips and principles
she shares are ones that I had to
learn the hard way! . . . Marcia's
book is sure to help new teachers
think about issues that are
all-too-often completely
overlooked. . . . even experienced
teachers will probably take away a
few new ideas, tips, or insights that
will help them become better
teachers and business owners. I
know I sure did!"
~ Natalie Wickham
Music Matters Blog

"I've been teaching for over 40
years and developed criteria for an
ideal studio. . .If I wanted to write a
book on what I do, I wouldn't be
able to because it would duplicate
your book. Without a doubt, your
book is the finest I have seen out
there. These are the subjects I
instruct to new teachers and also
let them come and observe
teaching sessions. However, your
book allows for instant reference in
a tangible form. . . Congratulations
for a wonderful contribution to
music teachers regardless of the
instrument they teach."
~ Phil Erklen
International Music Syndicate

"My daughter has your book and
has begun building her business
within the last year. Thank you for
the tremendous wealth of
information, help, and advice."
~Laurie Hartzell
Homeschool Parent

The 141-page guide was easy to
read and is
very practical, unlike
so many "how-to" books these
days. . . . It's very much worth the
purchase price. It will help the new
music teacher start off her
business right, without having to
learn so many things by trial and
Julianne Miller, Joy in Our

I am a homemaker, a pianist, and
an artist.  I like thinking of ways I
can help out my husband
financially while still remaining at
home and taking care of my other
responsibilities.  That is why I
enjoyed Talent to Treasure:
Building a Profitable Music
Teaching Business by Marcia
Washburn so much.  I have
thought before that I might one day
teach children music lessons from
our home when our children are a
little older.  I also plan on teaching
our two eldest girls piano this
year.  This wonderful book from
Marcia Washburn has given me all
of the information I need to do
both.  Not only that, but I could
even use much of her information
to one day teach art lessons from
our home.

This valuable resource has great
information for not only those who
are looking into teaching students
music and have no idea what
they're doing, but also for veteran
teachers too.  I even think there is
enough information packed in this
book to help those who would like
to teach other kinds of lessons to
students as a home business.
~Mrs. Q

I ordered Talent to Treasure for  
my 18 yr. old daughter . . . who
just started giving piano lessons.  
We received it Saturday, and as
she was a little under the weather,
she read it that afternoon. She
loved it!  She bought a notebook
and is going to go back through it
and take notes this time.

Thanks so much for the great book,
Talent to Treasure. She was in-
spired and encouraged.
      ~Lisa T.