Speaking Topics
    Practical Tips and Encouragement from Marcia
Marcia enjoys speaking to groups of all sizes and is noted for her transparent,
practical, and encouraging presentations. Please contact her to see how she can
support the vision of your event. Note: Most of these presentations can be
adapted for non-homeschooling audiences.


Building Tomorrow’s Generation While Cleaning Up Today’s Spilled Milk
The work we do as homeschoolers extends far beyond teaching the Three R’s.
We are partners with God as we lay a firm foundation in our children’s lives so
their faith won’t crumble under pressure. In this session Marcia casts a vision
for teaching generationally, looking beyond the daily challenges of crying
babies, clinging toddlers, correcting papers and, yes, cleaning up spilled milk.

The Ideal Homeschooling Mother  
Women have a tendency to compare themselves unfavorably with other women,
and homeschooling moms are no exception. This encouraging presentation
explores God’s plan for your homeschool and why He chose you to mother your
children. It reminds us to live our lives one chapter at a time and to gain
strength from mentoring relationships.

The Frontiers of Homeschooling  
Looking for something different for your group? In this presentation, Marcia
details the story of the first-ever home education conference in the jungles of
Ecuador. Using Shuar Indian artifacts and PowerPoint photos, she weaves in
encouragement, humor, and the “why” of home education, leaving a
memorable “take home” message for her listeners. Fascinating for children
and adults. Note: This can be a 60-120 minute presentation.

Homeschooling through Difficult Days  
Life’s challenges don’t stop just because we are homeschooling. Sickness,
accidents, moves, caring for elderly relatives, crisis pregnancies—they’re all a
part of God’s custom-designed curriculum for us. Practical coping tips and
encouragement for the journey are the focus of this sensitive presentation.

Grace Notes  
This session explores the many ways that God extends grace to us as we journey
through life.  Rich in personal illustrations, it is designed to encourage, uplift,
and inspire listeners to trust that God does indeed have a wonderful and unique
life message to speak through each of us.

Eight Habits for Highly Successful Homeschooling  
This workshop contains advice and anecdotes from a veteran of nineteen years
of homeschooling. Among the topics: finding support, avoiding isolation and
legal troubles, recognizing counterfeit programs, and encouragement for the
journey ahead.


How to Be a People Teacher
Based on many years of teaching in public, private, and homeschool settings,
Marcia shares her heart, her enthusiasm, and her techniques for
individualizing instruction to suit each student. Topics in this important session
include the importance of relationship and companionship, differentiating the
curriculum for each child, teaching for mastery, and ten mistakes
homeschoolers commonly make.  

Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music  
Many homeschoolers have trouble fitting music into their busy school days—
time, expense, and lack of confidence all contribute to the problem.  This
workshop gives practical, hands-on ideas for all ages that any parent can do.

Teaching Young Children  
Expensive curriculum is not really necessary for your little ones.  Learn ways to
teach your pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade children with items found
around the house.  Subjects include beginning reading, math, science, history,
music, art, physical education, and character education.  Ideally presented as a
two-hour workshop, but a one-hour version is available.

Teaching Beginning Reading
Many new homeschoolers panic at the thought of teaching their children to
read. They cannot remember how they learned to read—it just happened. Or,
perhaps, reading was always a struggle and they are worried that only a
“professional” can properly do the job. This workshop is filled with practical,
encouraging advice and strategies for teaching this very important subject.

Hands-On Math Activities  
Many children (and parents!) struggle with math.  Exploring math concepts by
handling real things, instead of just using paper and pencil activities, can
greatly improve understanding.  This workshop presents many hands-on
activities and games that can be made from readily available materials at
minimal cost.  Detailed handouts will be distributed.  This material can be
presented in lecture format or with attendees actually participating in the
games and activities (more fun!).

Hands-On Art Activities  
The first 100 people arriving at this workshop will actually get to do nine
different art activities during this sixty-minute workshop.  All attendees will
receive detailed handouts describing how to do the activities at home and how to
set up an art day for their support group. Great choice for a fun Moms Night
Out meeting, but has also been done at a major conference setting.

Teach Your Family to Play the Soprano Recorder  
In this workshop you will learn to play the soprano recorder.  No music-reading
skills are necessary.  Resource lists and beginning music will be handed out at
the workshop.  You may provide your own instrument or purchase one from
your hosting organization.  Marcia will assist in making arrangements for
group purchases, if desired.

Activity Days for Homeschool Groups   
Support group leaders are busy people.  This session is based on Marcia K.
Washburn’s book, Activity Days for Homeschool Groups & Families.
Recommendations for organizing activity days (frequency, location, costs,
leadership, etc.) are central to this workshop. It includes a potpourri of ideas
for support group activity days including Hands-On Art, Hands-On Math,
Dissection Day, Bible Quizzing, Community Service Day, etc.  Many families
enjoy using the activities in their own homes, as well. The workshop can be
taught using either a lecture or hands-on format.


Homemade Convenience Foods  Have you ever wished you could spend more
time with your family and less with your pots and pans?  This practical
workshop shows you how to break free from the kitchen and get tasty meals on
the table in fifteen minutes—without using TV dinners!  Recipes and
techniques are included.

Management for Moms: Friendly Advice from a Homeschool Vet  
This popular presentation reflects Marcia’s nineteen years of experience
homeschooling her five sons.  It includes hints for teaching several children at
once, coping with household duties, dealing with doubting friends and relatives,
supporting the marriage relationship, and encouragement for the journey.

Scheduling Your Priorities  
This session is designed to help parents discern the priorities God has chosen
specifically for them, realizing that those priorities will differ between
individual Christians and during various seasons of their lives.  We will focus
on building a framework for decision-making and offer specific tools for
following through with those decisions.  Our purpose is not to share time-saving
hints (how to shoehorn more activities into your day) but, rather, how to live in
such a way that you can say as you fall into bed at night, “Lord, I have finished
what You called me to do this day.”


Building a Financially Free Home  
Do you have a SILKS family (Single Income, Lots of Kids)? This presentation
both casts a vision for debt-free living and gives practical suggestions for doing
so. Lots of handouts and examples (but no sales pitch!).

Managing Your Home While Managing a Business
Many women are seeking ways to contribute to the household income without
neglecting their calling as wives and mothers. How does a busy mom balance
the needs of her family with the demands of operating a home business? Marcia
shares important insights gleaned from her experience running three home
businesses while homeschooling her five sons.

Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business
Based on her popular new book, Marcia shares her wealth of experience
gleaned from teaching students to play the piano. It’s all here: Should you
teach? Preparing your household. Bookkeeping and taxes. Setting up your
studio.  Dealing with special needs, children who don’t practice, parents who
don’t pay, and performance paralysis. The first lesson. A humorous and
encouraging walk through a piano teacher’s life.


What Makes Your Child Tick?  
Have you ever wondered why your child thinks and acts the way he does?  Why
he expresses himself so differently from his siblings?  How to find and nurture
the unique gifts God has placed in him?  In this session, we will build an
understanding of personality types, love languages, and spiritual gifts so that
you can raise your children with greater understanding of their uniqueness.

The Joys of Raising Boys  
It is no accident that boys, toys, noise, and joys are rhyming words. Rich with
humor and stories, this presentation challenges attendees to look beyond the
dirt and debris inherent in a household filled with boys and toward the goal of
raising godly men for the Kingdom. Lots of practical ideas from the mother of
five sons.

Things I Learned in the Garden  
I’m not much of a gardener, but that hasn’t kept God from teaching me many
things while on my knees trying to tell a weed from a seedling. This workshop
explores issues of character, discipline, and making choices—for children and

Discipline 101  
What does the Bible teach about disciplining our children? Before we teach the
academics, we must train them in obedience and attentiveness. This
presentation deals with issues such as parental self-discipline, unity, winking at
sin, exasperating your child, and righteous correction. Instructions for
developing a personalized parenting manual are included.  Note: This important
presentation lasts two hours.


Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business
Based on Marcia’s popular book, attendees will learn how to start a private
music studio; prepare their home and heart for their new business; recruit and
retain students; how much to charge; handle business matters; select a
“balanced diet” of music for their students; ideas for teaching that scary first
lesson; and much, much more! Veteran and rookie vocal and instrumental
teachers alike will benefit from this fast-paced, informative session.

First Be a People Teacher
Based on her decades of teaching music, Marcia shares her heart, her
enthusiasm, and her techniques for individualizing music instruction to suit the
student. Topics in this important session include: how to teach according to the
student’s learning style and temperament type; great practicing tips (and
strategies for dealing with students who don’t!); reaching and teaching special
needs students—from  challenged to gifted; dealing with memorization,
performance jitters; adding fun activities to the lesson, and much more.

Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music
Looking for something new to add zing to your students’ lessons? Learn about
this unique resource that can broaden your students’ musical education beyond
just the instrument that you teach. Filled with games, activities, and ideas, find
out how
Beethoven Who can be used during individual and class sessions, or for
at-home assignments. Filled with links to Internet performances and fully
annotated, the work is already done for you.  

Working with Homeschool Students
Independent music teachers across the nation are discovering the joy (and
profit!) of teaching homeschooled students. Usually these children can come
earlier in the day, relieving the after-school crunch time in teachers’ schedules.
Often their parents make practice a part of their everyday school assignments,
so these children frequently excel. This presentation offers tips on recruiting
homeschoolers to your studio, common expectations of their parents, and
special considerations.


Home-Based Eldercare: Stories & Strategies for Caregivers
Most women will care for a parent or spouse in their home at some point.
Marcia shares practical and encouraging ideas for honoring parents and
wedding vows through loving care at home. Includes financial & legal issues,
physical, emotional, & spiritual caregiving, Alzheimer's & dementia
challenges, and much more.

The Door to Publication: Magazine Articles
Many of us feel the urge to publish a book sometime in our lives. Perhaps we
want to write a memoir to pass down to our grandchildren. Maybe we have an
area of expertise to share. We might even wish to write the next Great
American Novel. But how does one go about getting from the Great Idea to the
Finished Book? Marcia will share why writing articles and other smaller pieces
first can pave the way for publishing larger works. Attendees will leave the
presentation with a wealth of insights, inspiration, and handouts to take the
next step toward their publication dreams.

Homeschool Training Camp—Preparing for a Winning Season  
This is a two-part seminar, ideal for a fall meeting, that targets both moms and
dads. It includes components from several different workshops, taught using a
football theme. The sessions may be separated by a Tailgate Party (carry-in
meal). Its purpose is to pass along game-winning strategies to both rookies and
veterans as they start off the new teaching year.

Weekend Conference Option  
Marcia offers multiple options to customize your event to the needs of your
group. For example, many groups desire a leadership event for leaders on a
Friday evening, followed by a day of workshops on Saturday for the general
membership of the group. Arrangements can be made to include one or more
workshops with activities for children, if requested. Messages centered on
specific themes can be arranged, e.g. “The Hats Women Wear,” complete with
a fashion show. Contact Marcia with your ideas and she will assist in making
your event extra-special.


Love offering and transportation costs for small groups within driving range of
NE Colorado. Please
contact Marcia directly for other U.S. and international

Marcia will travel nationally or internationally, as the Lord leads. Honorarium,
transportation & lodging expenses required except under unusual
Contact Marcia for information.        
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"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established."   Proverbs 24:3 (NIV)

"I am so grateful for
moms/homeschoolers like you who
share your struggles and triumphs
with us, who have gone before us/me
to pave the way for a much
easier time than you had . . ."
    ~Karri, homeschool mom

"My husband and I attended your
workshop at the CHEC conference.
We thoroughly enjoyed all you had to
say. You had so many great ideas and
the time went too quickly to hear
them all."
~Stephanie, homeschool mom

"I have wanted to send you a quick
note for quite a while to thank you
(actually let you know I thank God
for you) and your godly example and
encouragement for us wet-
behind-the-ears moms. I am so
thankful for your real example as
you have lived out Christ's plan for
you as a homeschooler and that you
have been willing to share it all for
His glory and others' growth."
~Lorrie, support group leader

"On behalf of everyone who attended
your seminar, "thank you." It was
very encouraging and
thought-provoking. The day "filled
our tanks" to continue the second
half of the school year."
~Linda, West Palm Beach, FL

"Marcia has been well-received by the
constituents in Colorado. She has a
great wealth of experience and
wisdom in the areas of music,
hands-on activities, and organiza-
tion. Her approach is very practical.
When she speaks, she shares from
experience, as well as knowledge. She
is very organized and thorough.
I think you would be blessed to have
her as a speaker at your conference."
~Jeannette Gaiter, Former CHEC
Conference Coordinator Co-Chair

"Hi Marcia, What a blessing it's been
getting to know you. It's not everyday
that God has you cross paths with
someone special.  
Your encouragement alone has truly
blessed me. No one quite knows what
another might be going thru,
however God always
knows who will be a blessing. That's
what you've been to me!  I am so
thankful that you were so easy to
work with, and right from the start
you were encouraging me and
praying for our conference. Honestly
I've not worked with anyone like
~Michele Herrera, co-ordinator for
2008 Central Coast Home
Education Conference, Santa
Maria, CA

"Marcia, with her warm and
personable presentations seemed to
reach and touch the hearts of
homeschooling moms.  Marcia made
herself easily available to answers
questions and offer encouragement to
anyone who approached her. We
would highly recommend Marcia as a
~Ron and Debby Becker,   
Wyoming State Conference     

"Thank you so much for speaking to
our group last Thursday night. We
truly appreciate the effort you went
to, to bring so much
information, experience, and
knowledge to our group. We all
enjoyed you thoroughly and are
looking at scheduling another
workshop in the near future."
~Anne, Support Group Leader

"Your talks always have such
encouragement and wisdom.  I feel
like I have been given gems each time
I hear you speak and have kept the
notes.  Some of your information
sounded like it was straight from my
parents [and] grandparents because
of its biblical foundation. Your words
were affirming and very practical.  As
the homeschooling mother of five
children (with one being autistic) I
needed all of the encouragement I
could get!  At any rate, I wanted to
stop and thank you for all of your
efforts to equip this generation of
~Eliza Henderson,
homeschooling mom of 5  

It was VERY enjoyable and fun to
listen to you speak and encourage
these special young women of The
Lord!!!  I wish I had even heard
about this when I was younger, I
would have homeschooled my
children not just until kindergarten
age. The tools and encouragement is
the best because you back it up with
scripture and they know they are
following what The Lord wants for
them and their precious family.
C. Brown