Ever wish you had a personal mentor-mom who could
give  you a word of encouragement or practical advice?

Do you ever wonder:

  • "How do I teach my children to work with a willing
  • "Why is there always so much to-do at the end of    
  • "How can I be better organized?"
  • "How can I save time and money in the kitchen?"
  • "What about discipline? How can I get my children to
  • "How can I manage my home while managing my
  • "How can we be financially free?"
  • "Am I the only one who is tired of homeschooling
   and ready to call it quits?
  • "How come everyone else can succeed and I am
   such a failure?
  • "Where is God during the difficult times? Does He
   know where I live?
  • "How do I plan for the homeschool year?

   These questions and more are answered in the

    Management for Moms Series

Managing Your Children
Managing Your Home
Managing Your Family's Finances
Managing Your Homeschool
Managing the Holidays
Encouragement for Homeschool Moms



              Beethoven Who?
         Family Fun with Music

  • Don't know Beethoven from Brahms? No problem!
  • Can’t read music? No problem!
  • Music CDs too expensive? No problem!     

          Beethoven Who shows you how to:

  • Understand the basics of music-reading
  • Learn the vocabulary of music
  • Find classical, folk, patriotic, and sacred music you and
         your child will both enjoy
  • Enjoy fun hands-on activities as a family
  • Learn to integrate music into other studies

           No expensive textbooks or CDs to purchase!

                 All you need is this e-book and a computer with
           Internet  access to hear the greatest music of all time.
                 Over 700 external and internal links!   
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                   THE SOPRANO RECORDER

              Looking for a great first instrument for your child?
          Soprano recorders are inexpensive and easy to play.
       Let Marcia show you how, even if you don't read music!

 Click here to learn more.


                          TALENT TO TREASURE:

                ORDER BY SEPT. 30th and SAVE $4.00!

                           TRANSFORM YOUR MUSICAL SKILLS
                                           INTO EXTRA INCOME!

Have a heart for music but no head for business? Transform your musical
skills into extra income. Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music
Teaching Business shows you how.

Talent to Treasure targets the woman who wants to share her love of
music with others while continuing to serve her family at home. It
addresses the whys and hows of building a home business that blesses
others without negatively impacting your family.

A valuable resource for rookie and veteran teachers alike. How to find
students, what to charge, keeping business records, practicing issues,
special needs students, and much more.  
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Hate that sinking feeling you get when you realize that dinner's in fifteen
minutes and you have no idea what to make? Want to save time and
money? Want to spend more time with your family and less with your pots
and pans?

Homemade Convenience Foods shows you how. Use this easy-to-learn
system and you will have wholesome, freshly-prepared meals on the table
in fifteen minutes or less.

Drop-in guests? No problem! Using the Homemade Convenience Foods
system, you will always have ingredients for at least a dozen different
menus ready to prepare when you need a quick meal.

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                         ACTIVITY DAYS FOR  

                                         REVISED AND UPDATED!

         ORDER BY SEPT. 30th for Less than 1/2 Price!

Trying to lead a support group and homeschool your children at the same
time? Need  great ideas for activity days with your group? Or maybe just
something fresh for your own family?

Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families offers great
pre-planned ideas for any type of group. Detailed lists, instructions, safety
considerations, full-size patterns, and so much more will make your next
event a breeze. Covers everything from doing dissections to playing the
soprano recorder, Valentine's Day to organizing track meets. Ready to
insert into your binder. Nothing like it on the homeschool market.
info here.


                   HOME-BASED ELDERCARE:

                                 BRAND NEW BOOK!

Is caring for an aging parent in your future? Wondering what preparations
you can make now to assist them?

Marcia's latest book gives practical advice, laced with her well-known
encouraging style and stories.

It is estimated that the average woman spends 17 years caring for her
children and 18 years caring for one or more loved ones. Benefit from
Marcia's experience in caring for five different adults, some short-term
and some long-term.

Home-Based Eldercare: Stories & Strategies for Caregivers includes tips for
the physical, emotional, and spiritual care of elders in their home or in
yours, with special chapters for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Legal
and financial issues are addressed. Four appendices enrich the book.

here for more information on this important new book.
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