Managing Your Children  
•  Mommy Tips: Strategies for Survival
•  Discipline: The Discipleship Model of Parenting
•  Things I Learned in the Garden
•  Protecting Our Children
•  Training Your Staff
•  Marcia’s Manners Tip Sheet
•  Bumps, Bangs, & Bruises
•  Are We There Yet? Traveling with Children
•  Marcia’s Travel Tips
•  Releasing Our Arrows into the World
•  Babies, Books, and Backbones
 91 pages

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Managing Your Children
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            Managing Your Home
•  Adjusting Our Attitudes Toward Housework   
•  Scheduling Your Priorities
•  Don’t Forget Your Brain, Mom
•  Routines—A Mom’s Best Friend
•  Keepers, Leapers, and Creepers
•  Feeding Your SILKS Family
•  Kitchen Economics
•  Laundry Daze
•  Time to Go Bye-Bye: Caring for Your Car
55 pages                                   

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  Managing Your Family's Finances
•  Building a Financially Free Home
•  The Family Notebook
•  Questions to Ask Before Starting a Home Business
•  Managing Your Household While Managing Your
•  Shari’s Frugal Forty Tips
39 pages

Managing Your Family's Finances
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Encouragement for Homeschool Moms
Feeling discouraged as you face the rest of the school
year? Marcia's new e-book,
Encouragement for
Homeschool Moms
, will lift your spirits and renew your
courage. Filled with faith-building stories and
encouragement for "those" days we all have sometimes.

   Encouragement for Homeschool Moms includes:

  • The Ideal Homeschool Mother
  • God Knows Who You Are
  • Homeschooling through Difficult Times
  • Special Days
  • Caring for His Temple
  • In His Image: Creativity for Christians
  • Keep on Walkin'
  • Just Pedal

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      Managing Your Homeschool     
Homeschooling your children stretches the organizational
skills of the all of us. Planning a schedule, dealing with
mountains of papers, focusing on what is most important--
every day is a challenge. Get ideas and encouragement from
a seasoned vet of nineteen years!

  • Planning Your New Year
  • Storing Your Teaching Stuff
  • Taming the Paper Monster
  • A Mid-Year Makeover
  • Dealing with Extra-Curriculars
  • Eight Habits for Highly Successful Homeschooling
  • In-Service Training for Home Educators
  • What Worked? What Didn't?

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          Managing the Holidays
People love to celebrate. Food, family, fellowship, music,  
decorations, and gifts are all a part of the fun. But
holidays can become harried days if we're not careful.
Marcia's latest e-book offers tips and encouragement for
celebrating birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas so
even Mom can be blessed, not stressed.

              Managing the Holidays includes:
  • Planning for holiday gatherings (plus six forms to help
    you do it)
  • Thanksgiving Countdown plus recipes & turkey tips
  • Making room for your house guests
  • Tips for holiday efficiency
  • Christmas ideas
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Setting a formal table
  • Table manners tips for you & your children
  • 62 pages of encouragement and strategies

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  • 300+ pages of valuable teaching & encouragement
  • Six books for the price of three
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     Management for Moms Series
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Mommy Tips: Strategies for Survival
             Management for Moms
    Practical Tips and Encouragement for Busy Moms
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              Management for Moms Series
                      Want advice from a mom who has walked the trail ahead of you?
        Check out Marcia's brand new series of encouraging and practical e-books.
"As a veteran homeschooling mom
and entrepreneur who brought up 5
sons, Marcia has a wealth of  
wisdom to share with those in the
midst of the incredible journey of
motherhood. Marcia shares very
practical tips, and I never read her
writing without gaining several
suggestions I implement right away.

I always feel encouraged by
Marcia's obvious love for Jesus, for
her children, for her husband, and
for her home. This love is woven
through all the practical suggestions
and helps keep the reader focused
on doing everything as unto the
Lord. I've learned a lot from
Marcia, and I hope this invaluable
resource will find its way into the
homes of scores of women."   
~Cindy Puhek
Home School Enrichment Magazine

[Managing Your Home] . . . is full
of practical advice and examples  
straight from the Washburn
household, along with many Biblical
quotes and even devotional material  
of sorts. This is what I love most
about Marcia--she openly shares her
failures  and what she's learned
through them to help us. I consider
this a true Titus 2 ministry [Marcia]
has developed and shared with us."
~Hope Jackson
Homeschooling 3 blogger
Just wanted to say that I'm loving
your book, Encouragement for
Homeschool Moms! I'm not even done
with it yet but it's helping me change
my perspective on so many things!
. . . I can't tell you what a blessing
your words have already been to me!
Thank you very
much!                            ~T.H.