Beethoven Who?
    Family Fun with Music

                      Beethoven Who?
          Family Fun with Music

  • Don’t know Beethoven from Brahms? No problem!
  • Can’t read music? No problem!
  • Music CDs too expensive? No problem!

 Beethoven Who? shows you how to:

  • Unlock the mysteries of musical notation.
  •  Grow comfortable using the vocabulary of music.
  •  Find appealing classical, traditional, folk, patriotic,
and sacred  music.
  •  Enjoy fun hands-on activities with your children as you
explore music together.
  •  Tie in music with other subjects and interests.
  •   Share your music with others.

              What is included?

  •  The Elements of Music
  •  Classical Music Your Child Will Love—teaching tips and  
links for listening
  •  Activities to teach pitch, rhythm, form, dynamics, tempo,
musical terms, etc.
  •  Heritage Music Every Child Should Know—
folk, patriotic, sacred, & more
  •  Making Music Together
  •  Sharing Music with Others
  •  Hundreds of external and internal links
  •  Glossary of Musical Terms
  •  Five appendices
  •  Complete index
  •  332 pages

Field-tested to ensure that even musically illiterate adults
             can confidently use it with their children.

Most parents want their children to be exposed to great music.
But even those who read music often don’t know where to start.

A visit to the classical music section of a store or website is
daunting and expensive. Parents wonder, "Which music will my
children like? What if I buy something and we hate it?"

Take the mystery out of music.
Beethoven Who will guide you and
your family into the wonders of music reading, music listening,
and music making.


    No expensive CDs or textbooks to purchase!

All you need is this e-book & a computer with Internet access!

Many music appreciation courses cost as much as $170 for a single
year’s curriculum. With
Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music,
you don’t pay for expensive textbooks or CDs. All you need is
Beethoven Who and a computer with Internet access.


  •   People who don’t read music (or who need a refresher)
  •   People who don’t know much about classical music
 (or who need a refresher)
  •   Private music instructors who want to supplement their
 students’ lessons (see bulk offer below)
  •   Homeschoolers who are looking for a quality,
 inexpensive music appreciation course
  •   Anyone who enjoys music and wants to expand their

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"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established."   Proverbs 24:3 (NIV)
“Having a very limited background
in music of any kind, I am so
excited about Marcia Washburn's
curriculum. My children, ages 16
and 13, have had no music
lessons or teaching on music
because I don't feel qualified or
even knowledgeable about music
and I don't feel confident in even
knowing where to begin.

“Marcia Washburn's curriculum is
very basic and simple and
definitely written for a non-musical
person such as myself. It is very
family-friendly and engaging for all
ages. Whether a person is a
novice or knows a great deal, this
curriculum has something for
everyone. Mrs. Washburn does a
great job of keeping the
terminology as simple as possible
and doesn't assume the reader
knows or understands the musical
vernacular. I rejoiced and thanked
God time and again as I went
Beethoven Who? Family
Fun with Music.”  
~Melanie Fergus in Colorado

"As a piano teacher I will use
Beethoven Who on my iPad
regularly to "show, play, and tell"
students about so many aspects of
music. No matter how many times I
have read the book already, I
always learn something new when I
go back and cruise through the
pages again. Thank you, Marcia,
for all of the research you have
done to open up the sometimes
mysterious and complicated world
of music. May we all be so much
more appreciative of God's
creation of music and give Him
glory and thanks."
~Nancy Cable in Colorado  

"I am amazed, astonished,
astounded . . . at the effort you
have so obviously put into this
wonderful work. The how to's,
where's, when's, and why's you
have included are mind-boggling!
What a great resource for those
who want to learn about music.
And I learned more than a few
things myself.

"I know that you are aiming this at
homeschool teachers, but I'm
positive that it could also be a
great resource for other music
teachers as well.

"Superb organization and
presentation--this is a legacy that
will live many years into the future."
~ Don Price, retired public school
music teacher & district coordinator

I love that you included so many
traditional songs; as I was looking
through, I remembered my mother
singing many of them to me--such
great memories! I'm thoroughly
impressed with the format--I can
easily see us spending two or
three years or more enjoying it!"
             ~W.C, Homeschool mom

" [A]. . . comprehensive, open-and-
go, music appreciation curriculum.
You can plan ahead . . . or just
open and decide on the spot what
you'd like to learn. It is extremely
flexible. I believe this curriculum
could take
at least two years to
thoroughly complete! I love the way
Ms. Washburn writes. She is down
to earth and explains everything in
simple, easy to understand terms
for the average, non-musical
parent like me."
Hope Jackson
Homeschooling 3 blog

" . . . Contains a wealth of music-
related information for children and
adults alike.  The links are loaded
right onto the pages of the ebook.
It's sooooo convenient to use!! The
games and activities are fun for
kids. It's really a neat concept and
something that my kids loved.
Since this is an ebook, it's
available to readers worldwide."
Dianna Gardenhour

"The links are excellent, I had  
so much fun clicking, listening .
. . every instruction you gave
worked. I particularly liked the
fact that most of the pieces were
familiar so even if a family had
no musical background they
had a strong chance of
recognising old favourites.
Hearing different instruments
play the same piece was a
brilliant ploy.

"This book is truly for the
whole family. This book has no
boundaries! I have never seen a
book like this and was totally
captivated by it. Thank you so
much for letting me discover
what a treasure you have
created. I can't say enough
good things about it. I was
thoroughly enchanted. I wish I
had had it when I was
homeschooling my children.

~Vivienne McNeny, England
The Sociable Homeschooler

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