Activity Days for Homeschool
          Groups and Families
                 Activity Days for
Homeschool Groups and Families

“The book homeschool support group leaders have been waiting for…”

“Relief for busy leaders . . .”

A partial list of topics:

Creative ideas for your activity days
  • Community Helpers Day
  • Hands-On Art
  • Track and Field Day
  • Dissection Day
  • Learn to Play the Soprano Recorder
  • Math Day
  • Love and Friendship Day
  • Achievement Day
  • And much, much more!

“Everything you need to host great activity days for your group.”
  • Organizing the event
  • Supply lists
  • Tips for success
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Getting others involved
  • Full-size patterns and handouts

“A gift for busy homeschool moms—ideas for support groups
and families.”

Order your copy of this 168-page resource now.

  • Newly revised with more links, updated format.
  • Ready for your three-ring loose-leaf binder for ease of use.
  • Busy leaders can easily hand information for an activity to volunteers
    who will help in the preparation.
  • Great for developing confidence in new leaders.
  • The copyright allows you to make as many copies as you need for use
    within a single support group.
  • Enough activities for over three years of monthly meetings.
  • Suggestions for on-going activities such as yearbooks, Bible quizzing,
    and special classes.
  • All activities have been tested in real support groups.
  • Most activities are very economical, using easily available materials.

What others are saying about Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and

“This book is a gift to the dedicated parents who, despite their own busy lives,
are willing to serve God by serving other homeschooling families.
With this
book, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel
or exhaust yourself in order to
get the wonderful results activity days can yield. You can quickly become an
effective leader without the painful process of trial and error. Marcia
Washburn has been down the road before you and she’s willing to share the
best of what she’s learned in eighteen years of organizing events…In this
she’s addressed every detail, so you’ll have less stress and more

~From the Foreword by Susan C. Anthony, author of Facts Plus!

Karen Matlock writes in her Home School Enrichment Magazine review:

My only regret upon reading this book was that I didn't have it years ago!
Marcia K. Washburn is a well-known speaker at homeschool conferences. In ,
Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families, she gives an outstanding
variety of ideas for any size group. The largest section lists activities such as
Character Lessons, Hobby Day, International Day, Achievement Day, and
Community Service Day. More challenging activities are listed separately,
such as Pioneer Crafts, Dissection Day, and Track and Field Day. The
outlines for each activity are very thorough and give even the novice
homeschooler a reassuring guideline to plan and coordinate the activity.

“Other sections include a brief outline of field trip ideas, and a list of
resources for each activity, both in print and online. Each section is well-
written and concisely worded so that you can see at a glance what is required.

“A welcome option is the author's permission to photocopy activities so that
they can be distributed within the purchaser's homeschool group.

“One unique aspect of this book is that
the activities are applicable to
single families as well as homeschool groups.
Scouting and 4-H
organizations could also benefit from the ideas listed. This would be a great
gift for a homeschool group leader, or a welcome addition to any homeschool

Sandy Lundberg, author of A Comprehensive Guide to Home Education in
Colorado, writes:

"Lasting memories. Fast friendships. Support group activities play an
important role in the tapestry of our homeschooling lives. However,
homeschooling days are bustling and brimming with significant activity. Every
opportunity must be weighed carefully, especially for those leading a local
support group. A "Track and Field Day" day sounds wonderful, but where is
the time to plan such an activity?

"To ease the burden of busy leaders, Marcia Washburn . . . has written a
fresh and creative new book Activity Days for Homeschool Support Groups.
[Activity Days] is
a "procedure manual" for planning group activities. The
thinking and planning has been done; all that remains is to follow through and
enjoy the event.

"Marcia begins with an overview of what activity days are, and why they are
important to homeschooling families. She draws upon her many years of
experience as a school teacher, homeschooling mother, and support group
leader to start readers on the path to organizing meaningful and memorable
activities with other families.

Ideas are included for both one-time activities and on-going classes.
Some are teacher-led (parent) and others are to be organized by a family. An
example of a teacher-led activity is "Community Helpers" day, where children
visit various locations in their community, such as a fire station, post office,
police station, and bank. The coordinator's duties are spelled out clearly,
including detailed suggestions for parent at-home preparation of the student
before the actual event.

An example of a family-led activity is the "Back-to-School Picnic," which Marcia
feels is one of the easiest activity days for support groups to host. Again, all of
the coordinator duties are clearly and concisely provided, covering items such
as invitations, location, date and time, food, activities, and a supply and
equipment list. With such careful planning already in place, this picnic will be
much less intimidating for a family to coordinate. Perhaps so much less that
fresh volunteers will be found!

"The final section of this guide covers long-term activities for groups of
children and/or families. These include such ventures as Geography Classes,
Sports Teams, Performing Groups, and Bible Quizzing. Resources are listed
at the end of the book, along with general tips for handling field trips. Marcia
has also thrown in some activities for just the parents' enjoyment.

"Whether you are involved in a large, multi-family, activity-oriented
homeschool support group, or just like to make memories and friendships with
a few other families,
this book will help ease the burden of planning and
thinking so you can get on to the fun!

 Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families
                                  By Marcia K. Washburn

               168 pages of pre-planned activities
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"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established."   Proverbs 24:3 (NIV)
If you are a support group leader
for homeschoolers or just a
homeschooling family, you will love
Activity Days for Homeschool
Groups and Families by Marcia
Washburn.  This 168 page book is
full of ideas to have "activity days"
for your family's homeschool or
your homeschool group.  I do not
run a support group, but I love
having this amazing resource for
our family.
~Mrs. Q,